Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows' absence of this character explained


The absence of this secondary character in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was not a script choice contrary to what one might think !

In 2001, Harry Potter and the Wizarding School made us discover the magical universe of Hogwarts. The opportunity to dive into the functioning of the famous academy and learn more about its teachers, its houses as well as his students. If Harry, Ron and Hermione represented Gryffindor, for their part Draco, Goyle and Crabbe were the figureheads of Slytherin. An execrable trio which has not stopped causing misery to the three flagship wizards of the saga, the rivalry between their respective clans having reached its climax thanks to the films The Deathly Hallows. However, if the wizard with the scar could always count on the help of Hermione and Ron, the same cannot be said of Draco, since after having lamented the mysterious absence of Gregory Goyle in The Prisoner of ‘Azkaban , the Potterheads spotted that of Vincent Crabbe in the last franchise chapters.

Jamie Waylett as Vincent Crabbe. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

An astonishing disappearance especially since the character had a relatively important role in the books of JK Rowling facing Draco Malfoy. In fact, Jamie Waylett’s absence from the cast of Deathly Hallows was not a narrative decision but a choice relating to a legal incident involving the actor. Indeed,

after Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince in 2009, Vincent Crabbe’s interpreter was sentenced to 100 public service hours after the police discovered a significant quantity of cannabis in his car as well as in his family residence . Following his arrest, Warner Bros. therefore decided not to include Jamie Waylett in the last films by choosing to replace his character with another student of Slytherin: Blaise Zabini played by Louis Cordice. A minor change which will not have impacted the history of Harry Potter but which will still have pushed fans wondering about Crabbe’s final fate on the big screen …

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