Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy vs Severus Snape, which one really deserved redemption?


Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape oscillated between good and evil throughout the Harry Potter saga. However, which of them deserved more to be forgiven for their actions?

In Harry Potter , there are the good guys, the bad guys and the semi-bad guys! If Voldemort is necessarily the main antagonist of the saga, even he has proven to us that he can sometimes be touching . Among his allies he could count on the young Draco Malfoy and the expert Severus Snape. Throughout the films, these two characters oscillated between good and evil, anxious to want to make up for their actions, but afraid of betraying Voldemort . In the end, it was Severus Snape who got a pretty obvious redemption arc, while Draco Malfoy ( Tom Felton ) remains still as a traitor in the eyes of the fans. Is this a fair decision?

If it is certain that Harry Potter was able to defeat Voldemort thanks to A precious help from Severus Snape, it must be admitted that in betraying him, Draco had a lot to lose. Although he suffered from the psychological hold of his parents, he ultimately had only them to rely on. He loved them and he knew their influences within the wizarding world, so Draco was extremely afraid of being left alone. As a bonus, the young Malfoy was really used as a pawn by Voldemort, the big villain didn't care to see him die, he had a revenge relationship with him . It is clear that Severus Snape had a lot more courage than him to face him, but he was also older and more mature. Snape broke his pact with the Death Eaters, kept Harry Potter secretly safe but also allowed the collection of confidential information to organize the downfall of Voldemort … So for all these reasons he was more deserving of redemption in the face of to young Malfoy but you can't help but think that 4281513 Draco wasn't really a bad man in Harry Potter and that he too deserved to receive a little more support!

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