Harry Potter: Offering a sequel to the cult saga, good or bad idea?


The recent words of the CEO of WarnerMedia have made us wonder about the future of the fantastic saga on the big screen.

Several weeks ago, many rumors suggested that the Harry Potter saga could be the subject of a derivative series intended for HBO Max . Information quickly denied by Warner. However, on the occasion of Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecommunications , The Hollywood Reporter reported that WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar spoke about the future of the cult fantasy franchise and teased the possibilities that the universe created by JK Rowling allows today. If the general manager has obviously not specified what projects it could be, his recent statements push us once again to wonder about the future of the franchise. An interesting question, although offering a sequel to the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione seems as bad as it is impossible for the franchise.

Harry Potter à l'Ecole des Sorciers.

Harry Potter at the ‘School of Sorcerers. Read also : Thor 4, Love & amp; amp; Thunder: Has Mantis (Pom Klementieff) joined the cast? This photo sows doubt. – Credit (s): warner bros

For actor Rupert Grint, moreover, the question is final since the interpreter of the endearing Ron Weasley has admitted to having distanced himself from his character and that a return to Hogwarts seemed strange to him today. And he’s not the only one since many fans – albeit fans of the wizarding world – believe that offering a sequel to the franchise Harry Potter would ruin the effect of the previous films. On their side, stars like Emma Watson whose recent rumors would like her to focus more on her personal life, or Daniel Radcliffe also seem to have engaged in projects far from the universe of wizards.

Daniel Radcliffe dans la saga Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliffe dans la saga Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter saga. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

From a script point of view, offering a sequel to the Harry Potter adventures with the same trio would be difficult, not to mention the fact that The Deathly Hallows came to conclude their respective narrative arcs. It is for this reason that the studios have turned to the development of spin-offs like Fantastic Beasts . However, and although the franchise carried by Eddie Redmayne offers interesting elements, it is clear that David Yates’ films have not met with critical success and commercial similar to feature films Harry Potter . However, should we condemn any series or derivative film project given the mixed success of Fantastic Beasts ? The answer is no, the universe of the wizard with the scar offers a multitude of possibilities.

Le casting des Animaux Fantastiques 2.

Le casting des Animaux Fantastiques 2.

The cast of Fantastic Beasts 2. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Whether it be the origins of Voldemort whose captivating trailer of a fanfiction teases the story or an adaptation of Cursed Child , the Warner studios could indeed offer interesting creations, independent of previous films. They must however be careful not to reproduce the same errors as on Fantastic Animals but also consider the developed project for what it is and not as a potential sequel to Harry Potter or at least an adaptation linked to this universe. To do the opposite would ultimately undermine the essence of a future creation, the Harry Potter label possibly being heavier to wear as it looks!

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