Harry Potter: That Amazing Detail About Snape That No One Has Ever Noticed


Professor Snape in Harry Potter holds a funny record in the franchise!

The costume is part of the stage paraphernalia that helps an actor to slip more easily into the role of his character. Sometimes, the latter is also used to sublimate a plot or suggest a character trait. This is the case in the saga Harry Potter where certain details of the costumes allow to learn more about the mood Hogwarts students . There is however a character in the universe of the franchise of JK Rowling which derogates from this rule. This is obviously the legendary and much appreciated Professor Snape, played by Alan Rickman. Whether it's back to school, at the Yule Ball, at a Quidditch match or even when he's alongside Voldemort, the teacher never wore anything other than his long black dress


Snape in the Harry Potter saga – Credit (s): Warner Bros On the same subject : Tomorrow belongs to us: Two other characters from the series will land in Here it all begins in January 2021.

About this, the costume designer Jany Temime told the site HelloGiggles that she “had never deliberately changed his costume” during the ten years of filming . “I always kept Professor Snape as he was because I thought he was a great costume. When something is perfect, why should you change it?

That was him. And he never changes, Professor Snape. He's the kind of guy who goes to bed in his costume. ” An observation shared by Alan Rickman who had confided at the time to New York Times: “be very involved and very precise” in the look of his character. So much so that during the first fitting, the latter recognized that “something strange had taken over” .

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