Harry Potter: that connection between Luna Lovegood and Fantastic Beasts you never knew


Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter's friend, is directly related to Fantastic Beasts!

Did you know ? Luna Lovegood ( Evanna Lynch ), the eccentric friend of Harry Potter , is in direct connection with Fantastic Animals ! This Hogwarts student, who belongs to House Ravenclaw, is immediately recognizable thanks to her very pale blonde hair and extravagant looks. During his schooling, we did not know any boyfriend , nor any girlfriend . But she does not remain celibate all her life … Indeed, it turns out that the young woman will marry the grandson of Norbert Dragonneau , the illustrious magizoologist (a profession that you can exercise by managing this quiz on the fantastic creatures of Harry Potter ) ! Her name ? Rolf Dragonneau, naturalist specializing in the magical world.

Norbert Dragonneau – Credit (s): warner bros

The couple have two sons, Lorcan and Lysandre. The four of them travel the world in search of new species of magical animals. It turns out that Luna Lovegood is a famous natural science witch, so she and her husband have the same job! Like what, in the universe imagined by J.K Rowling, all the characters are linked. Regarding Fantastic Beasts, you could not miss the departure of Johnny Depp, who could be replaced by Mads Mikkelsen ( Doctor Strange ) within the franchise! The Warner Bros. asked the actor to resign, and the future of the saga is uncertain today … Fortunately for Luna Lovegood, she is no longer part of it!

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