Harry Potter: the first installment would have broken a record if the director had followed his original plan


Harry Potter and the Wizarding School would have broken a record if the director had followed his original plan.

Chris Columbus makes revelations! He revealed in an interview that he could have made the last two Harry Potter films, which would have given a very different result from what we know , and that's not all. Indeed, if the filmmaker had followed his original plan for the 'School of Sorcerers , this first part of the saga would have broken a record. Released in 2001, this feature film to the magical atmosphere lasts minutes, but basically it had to make it 172, or eight minutes less than three hours. A record duration, even if it does not equal that of Lord of the Rings ! This long version had been presented to a test audience in Chicago, and the kids loved it. Their parents a bit less, alas, which must have weighed in the balance.

Hermione – Credit (s): Warner Bros.

When we finish the movie and have it shown in Chicago -it's a chance for us to show our films in Chicago, so back in the days when we could go to a movie theater we would fly to Chicago and show the movie to an audience- the audience had it. Loved it. Viewers loved the movie. At the time, the movie was two hours and fifty minutes long, children found it too short and parents too long “Chris Columbus told Collider. The Warner Bros ., Thanks to these test sessions, realized that he would have to cut out the “unnecessary” moments. Not easy to please both die-hard fans and occasional spectators! But the end result has become cult, proof that this decision was necessary and justified. And to discover 4281757 the connection between Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts , it's right here.