Harry Potter: the insane price of a year at Hogwarts finally revealed


If you were unfortunately born into muggle bodies and are no longer of school age, find out how much a year at Hogwarts, school costs wizards in Harry Potter.

At Hogwarts, we learn magic tricks, cast spells and fight villains. While Ron, Hermione, Draco and the others have learned all kinds of things during their years of study, ONE and only spell stands out from the rest in the saga Harry Potter . All the students at Hogwarts have become great mages thanks to their quality education, and only a wizarding school as renowned as this has enabled them to become so skilled. Even if you are (certainly) Muggles and are no longer children, you surely dream of entering the Wizarding School. Well, even if you do not meet the two previous entry criteria, know that you should also have a well-filled wallet to join the establishment …

@ emmalineonline1 @ micnews There's no tuition fee! The Ministry of Magic covers the cost of all magical education!

– JK Rowling (@jk_rowling) This may interest you : The Punisher: Despite its cancellation, a season 3 could well see the light of day according to Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle).

July 17, 2015

Students at Lehigh University, PA did a simple math to imagine the cost of a year at Hogwarts. Based on the rate for English schools and school supplies cited by JK Rowling, they estimated that months spent in the wizarding school would come back to 17 600 euros! Business schools have better watch out … That is not all, in 2015, a journalist from the Mic site reviewed this amount and personally estimated that a year at Hogwarts would cost 40 800 euros. It's expensive to pay to learn how to say and perform the Amplificatum spell! Luckily, J. K. Rowling is here to set the record straight about the cost of education in magic school. On Twitter, she explained that “the classes were free” . Yes, because it is the Ministry of Magic that covers all tuition fees! If unfortunately that doesn't change the fact that you can't get in, 622118373061709824 we let you discover the biggest secrets about Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

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