Harry Potter: The Things Only Book Fans Know About Hogwarts


The Harry Potter books reveal many things about Hogwarts that those who have seen the movies do not know. Discover the greatest secrets of the sorcerer's stone!

If the best wizard of Hogwarts can claim to have had an honorable career, Harry Potter n hasn't had an easy life . As you know, the movies are inspired by JK Rowling's books, and it's hard to bring every detail of the plot to the big screen. This is why we decided to come back to the biggest secrets of Hogwarts, which only the readers of Harry Potter know! We learn, for example, that students are graded via a unique grading system, that the Triwizard Tournament had been canceled for many years due to too high a mortality rate. , but not only. Here are the most important things we can learn from books about Hogwarts.

House elves are largely responsible for the magic of the school

Dobby – Credit (s): Warner Bros This may interest you : Harry Potter: This stunning detail in the first meeting between Harry and Snape that nobody noticed.

What movies Harry Potter

fail to say is that almost all of the magic in Hogwarts is created by house elves. If they are called that, in reality, they are considered more as slaves, which is why the different sections do not expand on the question. All the magical parties are organized by them (the design of the dishes, the upkeep of the castle etc) and without them, few things would seem so incredible! Unfortunately, they are not fully recognized in the movies Harry Potter …

The Hogwarts Express does not go to Hogwarts

Hogwarts Express – Credit (s): Warner

Important point also made in the books of JK Rowling: the Hogwarts Express train does not actually take you to school! The train stops at Hogsmeade, then the students are taken to the castle either by boat on Black Lake, or by cars pulled by the stelae. So you have to continue the journey once you arrive in Hogsmeade to arrive safely!

The school offers muggle lessons
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