Harry Potter: These 5 reasons prove that Voldemort is ultimately rather likeable


Tom Elvis Riddle aka Voldemort could have been friends with Harry Potter in another life! If he's the main antagonist of the saga, find out why he's nicer than he looks!

In Harry Potter , is there the notion of good and bad? Nice and bad? If things or characters aren't presented that way, yes. Voldemort is THE big villain of the saga, the one to be eliminated at all costs. It is true that everything he does is with the aim of harming Harry Potter and his friends, but you should not be so hard on him, he has repeatedly shown sympathy or shown vulnerability . It's like Draco, he proved to us that he wasn't really a villain in Harry Potter ! Deep down, Tom Elvis Riddle is a big teddy bear waiting for a hug, find out why we can't hate him any longer!

It's not that he don't wanna love, it's just nobody ever taught him how to do

Voldemort – Credit (s): Warner Bros

How is it possible to anger a person over something they do wrong when they have never been briefed? If that phrase reminds you of your job, come back with us, we're talking about Voldemort here. Little Tom was created from a love spell, but that didn't mean both of his parents intended to give him one when he was born! Lord Voldemort has known foster homes, mockery, loneliness … Only hugs and love received in his childhood could have totally changed his existence as an adult! It hurts, it's as if Tom was born with a ban on happiness one day.

Voldemort is the product of a loveless union, miskine

If Voldemort is not the only one concerned by this story, it is deeply sad to think that one arrives on earth without having been desired by one's own parents. As explained several times in

Harry Potter , love is the most powerful magic of all! Now, Tom hasn't had any of that, he doesn't even know what the word love means. Voldemort never knew his mother, as she died shortly after birth. But the vicious cycle of this whole thing is that due to his mother's desperation for love, Tom was born into two families who hated each other and did not hesitate to abandon it.

He was an orphan, that doesn't help

Voldemort – Credit (s): warner

When Voldemort's mother gave birth, she gave birth to him in a nightmarish situation! What to give color on what awaited him for the rest of his life … His arrival on earth was nothing compared to all that he was going to endure thereafter. Tom was dragged from family to family, where he never received comfort or gentleness. We necessarily think that if his mother had survived, Voldemort could have had another life, even become a good person!

He was a completely lonely being

Voldemort Voldemort
Flight of death – Credit (s): Warner Bros

What is one of the worst feelings in the world if not loneliness? Saying that we cannot share anything with anyone, that we move forward alone without ever enjoying a burst of laughter, an exchange, a word with someone who matters to us. Voldemort has been alone all his life since birth. If he was surrounded, he only had people around him who could serve him to achieve his ends. Voldemort would certainly have spent eternity alone if he had survived, and it is very sad, even if he did harm around him!

He had an immense fear of death

In reality, Voldemort suffered from 'an extremely human fear: that of dying. He was paralyzed at the idea of ​​leaving this world, he who had however found nothing satisfactory here. Voldemort almost destroyed the entire Wizarding Universe because he was afraid of dying, and again, we feel a little bit sorry for him. If someone had offered him love, had explained to him that it is not necessarily scary to die, he would not have acted like this all along! Well, if all this is not very gay, we understand better why you have to be nice to Voldy, he was not helped by life poor man. Waiting, check out the list of the strangest foods in the wizarding world in Harry Potter.