Harry Potter: These 9 Magical Creatures Never Had The Chance To Appear In The Movies


To the chagrin of fans, these magical creatures have been totally excluded from the Harry Potter movies!

If there's one thing we love about JK Rowling , it's her fertile and full imagination of magic that has entertained the hearts of millions of children around the world. Indeed, in addition to offering hectic stories and endearing characters, the Harry Potter franchise is populated by countless fantastic and captivating creatures that punctuate the plot . While some were lucky enough to appear in the original eight films, not all of them! Indeed, unlike Fawkes, the Centaurs or even the Thestrals, certain species present in the books have been totally snubbed by the various directors . The proof by nine!

The Doxys in the Harry Potter saga – Credit (s): Warner Bros On the same subject : Harry Potter: The Things Only Book Fans Know About Hogwarts.

We start with the most adorable of all, the Nifflers. Before disembarking in the two shutters of Fantastic Animals , these little furballs had already caused a sensation in the novels The Goblet of Fire and the Order of the Phoenix . Indeed, these creatures that we do not recommend having as pets, literally ransack Dolores Ombrage's office. A hilarious scene that we would have loved to see in the film! Same thing for the Botrucs which were introduced into the universe thanks to Fantastic Animals but shunned by the original saga . However, it is in the novel the Order of the Phoenix that we hear for the first time about these creatures, similar to large green stick insects. In the list of the great forgotten, we can also quote the Veracrasses, hideous thick worms of brown color which can reach centimeters. Creatures of great use but considered boring in Prisoner of Azkaban, hence their ouster franchise movies.

The Sphinx in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Still in The Prisoner Azkaban , we will also note the absence of the Pitiponks. Real chipies with a frail appearance and only one leg that it is better not to cross. Fortunately, the Potterheads can spot them in the eponymous video game. Just like the Doxys, strange fairies whose bite can prove fatal due to the poisoned venom. We then continue with much more imposing and impressive creatures like the Firecracker. A fire crab hated by wizards but revered by Hagrid. He first appears in Goblet of Fire alongside of the Sphinx, a mythological creature with a human head that Harry encounters during the third trial of the labyrinth . Two scenes unfortunately cut during the editing. Finally, we will end with the very noticeable absence 4274089 in ) Harry Potter of the giant squid yet at the origin of a strange theory on Godric Gryffindor . As well as that of Ghouls, ugly and noisy ogres who nevertheless appear in several of J.K Rowling's seven books! And you, do you see others?

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