Harry Potter: These eccentric characters make us see all the colors, that's why we love them


If the Harry Potter universe presents strange creatures and characters, these three individuals are as eccentric as they are exquisite!

Some fans criticized the Harry Potter saga for not developing enough creatures within his universe, Fantastic Beasts did it! If the films of the original franchise and those of the spin-off present several peculiarities, it must be admitted that Harry Potter stands out from Fantastic Beasts by its wacky and extroverted characters. If among these, we can obviously quote Hagrid, Dumbledore, Dolores, Nick Near-headless and many others, three protagonists of the universe stand out from the crowd! They are as crazy as they are awesome, and it is important to pay tribute to them for all the good times they gave us.

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood – Credit (s): Warner Bros

If some fans elect Minerva McGonagall as their favorite character from Harry Potter , for others, it's Luna Lovegood! She obviously does not have a role as prominent as that of Ron, Hermione or of course Harry but she has that little extra thing that makes the spectators adore her. Luna Lovegood has a totally different vision from the other protagonists of the world around her , and even if she comes out with an idea or one WTF aftershock per second, it can take anyone into its universe. Luna is special, eccentric and sometimes misunderstood, yet she is one of the nicest and down to earth characters in the saga.

Alastor Moody

Alastor Moody – Credit (s): Warner Bros

It's hard not to put Alastor Moody alias Mad-Eye Moody in second position in this ranking! Whether it's because of his style or his sassy personality, Alastor Moody has a hard time making himself understood by those around him. Basically, he's a kind and benevolent person, but his clumsiness and his grumpy side put a barrier between him and his interlocutors . Throughout the films, Mad-Eye Moody delivered insane and funny teachings, and that's why we love him!

Professor Trelawney
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