Harry Potter: This detail on the death of Fred Weasley has not finished intriguing fans


The death of Fred Weasley in the Harry Potter saga has raised many questions and continues to question fans about a particular detail.

While Ron Weasley's interpreter Rupert Grint could be back in the franchise Harry Potter , let's focus this time here to his twin brothers and more particularly to a mystery surrounding the disappearance of Fred ( James Phelps ). Killed in the Battle of Hogwarts in The Deathly Hallows Part 2 , many fans are now wondering about the impact her death had on Molly Weasley's clock. As a reminder, the needles of this magical object corresponded to the comings and goings of the Weasleys but could also indicate if they were in danger. However, books and films never addressed what it was if one members of the Weasley family died, as did Fred.

Fred and George in the Harry Potter saga. This may interest you : Star Wars: Identity of Anakin Skywalker's Father Confirmed? – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Fortunately, the fans were able to count on one user Reddit particularly imaginative but also very sensitive, since the latter has suggested that George would have worn the effigy of Fred hanging on the needle around his neck.

strong symbol that would represent a way for the sorcerer to keep a memory of his twin with him. If this theory appears interesting, it has never been confirmed by JK Rowling and that although the author of the saga Harry Potter has always been inclined to elucidate the secrets surrounding the franchise. For some fans, the famous clock could also have created a new status or be totally out of order after the disappearance of Fred while for others, the latter's hand would have continued to follow George's. In any case, the mystery remains intact even today. Maybe JK Rowling's apologies vis-à-vis the death of Fred Weasley will help us to forget this slight inconsistency …

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