Harry Potter: This is THE most important spell in the saga, and it's not what you think


Little hint: it's not an Unforgivable spell in the Harry Potter saga!

109, vs' is the total number of spells listed by Potterheads in the franchise! A high figure that only true fans of the books of Harry Potter generally know . However, there is a data that escapes the majority of them: the name of the most important spell of the saga created by JK Rowling . Indeed, if some Potterheads readily agree on the Death Curse Avada Kedavra, it is turns out that this is not the correct answer . Just like the other two Unforgivable spells which are the Cruciatus Curse, which causes excruciating pain to its victim, and the Imperium which allows to take control of his body.

Daniel Radcliffe alias Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe alias Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Indeed, as recently revealed by Internet user Swordbender on Reddit , the most important spell in the franchise is: the Shield Charm, also called Protego. The reason ? The latter opens and closes the literary saga as he then explains it: “The books begin with Lily sacrificing herself to protect her son Harry and end with Harry protecting Molly Weasley from Lord Voldemort” Before to add: “ The main point is that Harry is 'dead' just like Lily, but to save everyone. That was a good inclusion in the narrative as well, the moment Harry pulls off the Invisibility Cloak to cast the spell and thwart Voldemort's plans, which echoes at the beginning “. What do you think ?

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