Harry Potter: This stunning detail in the first meeting between Harry and Snape that nobody noticed


Snape revealed his love for Lily Potter to Harry the moment they first met. The proof!

What if Snape had revealed to Harry from the start his secret love for his mother Lily? This is what an Internet user named Chloé.B says on the Quora forum . Indeed, the latter revealed to have unearthed a strange clue which proves it in the first meeting of the potions professor with the apprentice sorcerer. An astonishing hidden detail that no one had noticed in the literary saga Harry Potter written by JK Rowling . This is the moment in the first part the School of Wizards where Snape decides to go after young Potter by asking him several difficult questions in an attempt to humiliate him. “ What do I get when I add powdered asphodel root to mugwort tea?

he asks him . A sentence that takes on its full meaning when you read between the lines.

Snape in the Harry Potter saga – Credit (s): Warner Bros

And for good reason, as the Internet user then reveals, in the language of flowers “ the asphodel simply means, I regret the past “. Regarding the mugwort, the latter also represents in the floral symbolism a heartache or a pain related to a separation. Without forgetting that the asphodel, comes from the liliaceae family, “a kind of lily, which in English, refers to Lily's flower “. Which could therefore be translated as: Severus was in love with Lily, Harry's mother. He wanted to save her from death, but he couldn't face the greatest regret of his life “ . More than just a question, Lily's oldest friend was actually sending a touching message to her young son. A detail that will undoubtedly make you change your opinion on Rogue dans la saga Harry Potter , if it was not already done!

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