Harry Potter: This theory proves how much Harry and Voldemort look alike


Harry Potter and Voldemort have much more in common than you might think!

The holiday season is usually the perfect time to rewatch all of Harry Potter warm under a blanket, a cup of chocolate in hand. Indeed, even if the saga written by JK Rowling is technically not part of the Christmas movies , its magic makes it a classic timeless that fits perfectly with the winter spirit of the end of the year. Indeed, what better than a round trip to Hogwarts alongside wizards, potions and fantastic creatures to daydream and escape as the nights lengthen. The occasion also for Potterheads to unearth new theories (sometimes absurd) on their favorite characters , as it is the case with this astonishing parallel between Harry and Voldemort.

Indeed, a user on Reddit named The-Nightblender has come up with an astonishing guess that reveals a new commonality between the wizard and the antagonist. On the same subject : Test – Game of Thrones, Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Malcolm: In which series family you could have spent Thanksgiving? A parallel that adds to the long list of things the hero and Voldemort share, and which already includes Parseltongue, the core of their magic wands and their arrogance in the face of authority and pre-established rules . It is about their facility to act maliciously and to use all the means at their disposal to achieve their end. And for good reason, if Harry succeeds in making people talk Professor Horace Slughorn in The Half-Blood Prince thanks to a liquid luck potion, the Internet user is convinced that many years before him, Tom Riddle used the same tactic to obtain information about the Horcruxes.

Horace Slughorn et Tom Jedusor

Horace Slughorn and Tom Riddle – Credit (s): Warner Bros

As he reveals: “ I find it strange that Slughorn is so willing to tell a student how black magic works and especially how do re. And also, how did Tom Jesudor know that crystallized pineapple was the professor's favorite candy? “To him, that doesn't sound like a mere coincidence but rather luck.” bottled “. A potion that let Harry know that he had to accompany Slughorn to Hagrid's hut and then gain his trust. Tom Riddle would therefore have manipulated the professor – in the same way as Harry – by using the potion to make him speak . A hypothesis supported by another Internet user who replied: “This theory offers a little humanity to the character, without losing its meaning. Slughorn feels guilty without really understanding why he was so open to discussion that night. “ And you, what do you think? Also check out this scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which was totally ruined by the movie .

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