Harry Potter: this unsung hero of the franchise who has never appeared in the movies


The wizarding world owes him a lot and yet he has never appeared in the movies!

The Potteheads may have watched every movie in the franchise one ten times (if not more!), there are certain details of the universe of Harry Potter that only true fans of the books know . This is the case of this unsung hero who has surprisingly been overlooked by the writers of the cinematic saga. However, this unusual protagonist has long worked for the well-being of wizards in the novels of JK Rowling . His name, Damocles Belby and his profession, potionist. It is indeed he who was at the origin of the Wolfsbane potion (Wolfsbane in English ), one of the most important inventions of the wizarding world!

Remus Lupine in the Harry Potter saga – Credit (s): warner bros To see also : Black Panther 2: Cast, plot, release date … the latest details unveiled.

Indeed, it is Damocles Belby who invented this revolutionary potion which allows to heal and relieve the symptoms of victims suffering from werewolf syndrome. The most famous example in the saga concerns Remus Lupine, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban . Without this potion, James' friend would never have been able to live this long and get a job at Hogwarts without risking becoming a danger to others

. It is also thanks to this potion that Lupine was able to retain all of his mental faculties and a large part of his humanity. It is for all these reasons that Belby won the prestigious Order of Merlin award with the Wolfsbane potion.

Remus Lupine as a werewolf in Harry Potter – Credit (s): Warner Bros

A major scientific discovery which therefore allowed victims of lycanthropy to escape the shame and guilt of their condition. A detail of the plot which despite appearances is more important than it looks! And for good reason, as the author of the novels JK Rowling had confirmed at Time : “ It is a metaphor for diseases that carry a stigma like HIV . The wizarding community is also prone to hysteria and prejudice just like the Muggles, and the character Lupine gave me a chance to examine these attitudes “. Too bad the writers of the films preferred to include