Harry Potter: Those Deeply Sad Things About Harry


If Harry managed to defeat his personal demons during his adventure in Harry Potter, the young wizard did not have an easy life. Here are all the saddest things about him.

If several things bother us about Severus Snape in Harry Potter , what should we say about Harry. The most talented wizard in Hogwarts really hasn't had an easy life, which is one of the reasons his achievement is spectacular. Harry Potter has experienced abandonment, rejection, loss of his friends, and had to constantly fight against the forces of evil so that he was just a child. If all these difficulties have forged his character, it is difficult not to feel sorry for him. Here are all the saddest things about our beloved Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was an orphan

If Harry Potter lost his parents very young and he does not really remember them, their absence marked him forever. Read also : More beautiful life: Here is how Samia (Fabienne Carat) will leave the series (SPOILERS). Harry was subsequently placed in foster care with his uncle and aunt, and it makes you wonder if he wouldn't have been better on his own. The latter were execrable with him, and let's not talk about their son! Each member of the house made him feel that he was only an intruder in their eyes, Harry Potter suffered from their reflections but not that: he was not fed enough … We would have loved to see him grow up alongside his loving parents!

He had to fight against Evil throughout his childhood and adolescence

Voldemort Harry Potter Voldemort

Voldemort – Credit (s): Warner Bros

If some little boys play toy cars or video games, Harry Potter had to fight against the forces of evil! Because of his uniqueness, many antagonists were constantly on his heels, giving Harry Potter no respite. This may interest you : You will be one of Severus Snape's favorites if you get 10/10 in this Harry Potter quiz on Potions class. Until Harry finally defeated Voldemort, he never led a calm and happy life. In the end , he had complicated relations with his comrades, because Harry never had time to learn how to behave with others …

Ron has it dropped multiple times

Ron – Credit (s): Warner Bros To see also : The Lady's Game on Netflix: The real reason Beth bought Alma's home from her stepfather.

Ron was possibly Harry's best friend. However, can one consider a healthy friendship when one of the two members is jealous of the other? This is unfortunately how Ron felt with Harry: he admired him as much as he envied him. In the end, their relationship had its ups and downs, but Ron wasn't always there for Harry when he needed them. Several times he dropped it for no apparent reason, and it made the Hogwarts student very sad.

He still suffers from the death of Sirius Black

Harry will never recover from Sirius' death, and for good reason, it is because he is partly responsible for it. He knows full well that s 'he had been smarter, he could have avoided the death of his godfather. Harry Potter saw Sirius leave, and his dismay hurt. It is as if once again he lost a parental figure, which reinforced his feeling of loneliness. As you have been told, Harry has not had an easy life but he can claim to have always come out with his head held high. On a more positive note, find out who are the most eccentric characters in Harry Potter .

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