Harry Potter: Those Deeply Sad Things About Severus Snape


Beneficial hero of the Harry Potter saga, Snape has definitely not had an easy life. The proof with these particularly sad things about the famous Hogwarts potions professor.

While we were wondering who of Draco Malfoy or Severus Snape would be entitled to redemption in the saga Harry Potter , it is certain that the former Death Eater and confidant of Albus Dumbledore deserved unparalleled recognition. It must be said that Severus is one of the most interesting characters in the franchise created by J.K. Rowling , this Hogwarts potions professor who escaped the calls of the forces of evil and repelled Voldemort's malicious maneuvers. By becoming Harry Potter's ally, Severus Snape ultimately distinguished himself as an exciting hero, filled with humanity. An astonishing character trait when you know that the magician's life has not spared him …


Rogue après la mort de Lily. Rogue après la mort de Lily.
Snape after Lily's death. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

The relationship between Harry Potter's mother and Severus was one of the most captivating final twists of the saga. In love with Lily since her childhood, the feelings of the latter have never been reciprocated, however, James Potter having finally cracked the young woman. A betrayal that Snape struggled to endure as Harry Potter's father harassed the wizard when they were studying together at Hogwarts. If that could explain the duality of Severus' behavior towards Harry, his passion for Lily never died out, the Slytherin wanting above all that the witch to Gryffindor be happy. Love and suffering crystallized when Snape discovered the body of the one he loved, slain by The Must-Not-Should-Not-Speak -the name…


Alan Rickman as Severus Snape . – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Severus Snape's double agent function for Voldemort and Dumbledore involved the wizard putting his life in danger. He had to watch his every word and phrase to make sure that Voldemort and the Death Eaters didn't find out the truth about him. An arduous mission which was undoubtedly to push him to live in a state of constant anxiety and which was unfortunately recognized too late. Indeed, if Dumbledore knew the true nature of the wizard, Severus' public reputation was quite different. Considered a traitor and a liar, Snape had to endure the preconceptions of the mission. Fortunately, the end of the Harry Potter saga allowed us to lift the veil on the character's real intentions.


Snape killing Dumbledore. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

As shocking as it is captivating, Dumbledore's death represents an unexpected turn of events within the saga Harry Potter . However, this masquerade subsequently obtained all the necessary explanations, the young wizard then discovering the reasons behind Snape's costly gesture. Indeed, the latter knew what was coming when he examined Dumbledore's hand, the wound having sealed the fate of the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Although Severus wished more than anything to heal his ally, Dumbledore begged him to kill him. A request that Severus subsequently honored in the name of his friendship with the famous wizard, which ultimately won him favor with Voldemort and protected Draco Malfoy … In another news item, find out 4285165 this sad theory that finally solves one of the biggest mysteries about Hogwarts .

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