Here are the 10 best series of 2020


560 was not that bad, the proof with the best series of these 10 last months.

The end of the year is always time to take stock, and after we have made you a small list of actresses and series actors who have torn everything up in 2020 , we go logically to the series which, too, have clearly torn everything up this year. Proof by than 2020 still brought some good things.

I May Destroy You

Yes, if we have not stopped praising it everywhere, it's because that I May Destroy You is placed without hesitation in the top 10 series of the year. Between the performance of Michaela Coel and the difficult but essential intrigues that she was able to highlight, there is something to say bravo. Everything is available on

OCS for latecomers.

Mrs. America

We would have liked that it lasts a little longer and that the end of Mrs. America further explores the lives of certain characters, but this little delves into the world of Glorian Steinem, Phyllis Schlafly and the feminist struggles of the United States of the years 12 is a real success. From its stellar cast at its own pace through its themes which are still as relevant despite the past years, Mrs. America is a real gem not to be missed.

Normal People

Credit: STARZPLAY France – YouTube Read also : Back to the future: we finally know why Marty McFly hates this nickname so much.

A little sweetness and tenderness in the middle of a pandemic , that's what we all need. And that's what Normal People offered us, despite the tears: a huge dose of love not to be missed and even less this year.

The Plot Against America

The Plot Against America – Credit (s): ocs See the article : The Witcher season 2: why does Geralt have white hair?

If you have the impression that we are in “the darkest timeline” because of the coronavirus, The Plot Against America will directly change your mind. In this series where the United States swung to the side of Nazism rather than pushing it back , the Levin family is trying their best to get out. The quality is there as much on the side of the casting as in the writing of the episodes and even if it is not super feel-good, we can only advise you.

The Mandalorian (season 2)

The Mandalorian – Credit (s): Disney

We no longer present it and even if season 2 of The Mandalorian has just ended on Disney , we are clearly already eager to discover the rest. Thanks to Jon Favreau, the Star Wars universe opened up to thousands of new fans who all fell in love with Baby Yoda – Grogu – including us.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Vida – Credit (s): starz See the article : Shang-Chi: The movie linked to a Marvel Studios series?

We would have liked it to continue and continue to follow the adventures of 'Emma and Lyn, but season 3 of Vida is unfortunately the last and considering its quality, it is a shame. Whether it is on the plot side or the representation side, Vida is a true masterpiece which deserves a glance and which will clearly be missed.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress – Credit (s): showtime

Like her heroine, Work in Progress has been discreet in the television landscape of 2020, yet these are not the qualities that are lacking. The series created by Abby McEnany and Tim Mason shows with gentleness and humor the difficulties of everyday life for his heroine Abby, and despite the difficult themes addressed, it is a digest of tenderness which is doing a lot of good, especially this year.

The Wilds

We delivered our verdict of The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video a while ago, and we still think it's a real good surprise not to be missed this year. Yes, the series has its faults, especially in terms of the consistency of its characters who find themselves on a “desert” island. But the writing of the heroines, the alchemy between all the actresses who interpret them and the rhythm that makes you want to binger all the episodes of a treats did the job: we loved it and can't wait to see season 2.

The Walking Dead (season 10)

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