Here Everything Begins: Eliott and Hortense soon as a couple? Nicolas Anselmo gives hope to fans


Nicolas Anselmo gives hope to those who want to see Eliott and Hortense as a couple in Here everything begins.

A few days ago, we discovered details about the character of Maxime which disturb many fans of Here It All Begins . It's been a month since the daily series landed on TF1 and is a hit with audiences. It must be said that between the original plot, the theme of the kitchen and the unexpected twists, we do not get bored. The protagonists of the story are also endearing and very quickly, some have become the darlings of the public. Starting with Eliott, the first non-binary character in a French series. Precisely, many appreciate his relationship with Hortense and would like to see them as a couple. Is this going to happen? Maybe…

If Eliott recently put a stop sign in Hortense in Here it all begins , his interpreter Nicolas Anselmo , however, shared a little note of hope in his words. For , he confided: “Eliott is seduced by the fact that she does not look like everything the world. Hortense is “different”. For him, she is unique. Hortense allows Eliott to shed light on parts of him that he had never tried to explore. Their relationship is touching. It gives us hope, because deep down we are never sure of what we really are .” Outraged the fact that their friendship gives off a nice message, so we can expect to see them possibly together in the rest of the series! In the meantime, know that actors of Tomorrow belongs to us will land in Here it all begins for an episode special.

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