Here Everything Begins: The institute in mourning after the death of Auguste Armand, an explosive Christmas … What will happen next week? (SPOILERS)


Like every Friday, it's time to find out what awaits you next week in Here it all begins.

As we revealed to you a few days ago, Auguste Armand died in Here everything begins . The head of the institute has succumbed to another fatal heart attack and obviously his death will upset everyone in the next episodes of the series of TF1 . Starting with Claire, who hides a secret linked to Augustus and who will hesitate to reveal the truth, which promises to be explosive. As for Rose and Clotilde, the two sisters will continue to tear each other apart after the death of their father, especially since Jérémy's mother will do everything to take her succession within the institute. The students will also all be affected by the sudden disappearance of Auguste Armand, especially Salomé, who considered him to be his father. Maxime will have very hard to see her suffer and to prevent herself from consoling her. As for Jérémy, he will find comfort with Célia, and will take the opportunity to get to know his biological father, Vincent Gaissac.

Next week in Here it all starts on TF1 , in addition to the funeral of Auguste Armand, the battle between the professors will rage, in particular between Noémie and Teyssier, for the Christmas dessert of the institute. The pastry teacher will be more determined than ever to come back to practice in the establishment. As for the Christmas meal, it will be explosive! In addition to the spat around Clotilde, Jérémy, Guillaume and Rose, Caroline will have difficulty reconnecting with her two daughters and her son Gaëtan. As for Maxime, he will have to face the arrival of his father and mother, Alex and Chloe, who barely separated, will be forced to stay together in the same room . In addition to these two characters from Tomorrow belongs to us , we will also find Souleymane and Judith, who will come to celebrate the end of year holidays with their family . While waiting for the continuation of Here everything starts from Monday at h 30 on TF1 , find out which series was voted the favorite of the French.