Hunger Games: Jack Quaid (The Boys) apologizes for the unforgivable death he caused


Even today, what the character of Jack Quaid did in The Hunger Games has still not been digested by fans of the saga.

The Hunger Games saga counts lots of dark moments , including some character deaths that hurt as much on the big screen as they did in the books, see some more . This is particularly the case of the death of young Rue, a striking sequence of the first opus. First trapped in a net, she is then freed by Katniss, but the two unfortunately fail to escape quickly enough. As they are about to leave Marvel comes out from behind the trees and throws his javelin, before being killed by one of Katniss’ arrows. It is nevertheless too late, wounded by the weapon, Rue collapses and dies in the arms of the mocking jay.

The Death of Rue in The Hunger Games – Credit (s): Lionsgate

A death that is always blamed on the interpreter of Marvel … who is none other than Jack Quaid , who plays Hughie Campbell in The Boys . Fans of the series, currently available on Prime Video, now realize that he and Marvel are one and the same and humorously denounce his “crime”. The actor thus apologized on Twitter “Oh shit, that’s right, sorry. In all fairness, I knew my end VERY quickly after that. I had the brain washed away by my upbringing in luxurious District 1. But yes, I’m incredibly sorry. “ A sincere apology, but one that doesn’t make Rue’s death any easier to digest. Among the details that should not be missed in season 2 of The Boys hid a reference to this role.

Credits: Jack Quaid (Twitter), Cinemablend