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You're never going to see Hunger Games Finnick the same way anymore!

How to forget the charming Finnick Odair? This character from the saga Hunger Games, described by its performer Sam Claflin as “Panem's Marylin Monroe” made a lasting impression. Winner of 26 th Hunger Games at 12 years old only, this former member of District 4 in the physique of Apollo finds himself forced to return again to the arena on the occasion of the 65 th edition of the Capitol Games. It was there that he met Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) during the Parade and tried to seduce her by offering her a piece of sugar. Then to suggest that the latter could have “ won gigantic sums at the Capitol without the Quarter Quell “, an obvious implication to the former champion who in turn trades his body with the rich women of the Capitol


Finnick and his famous sugar in The Hunger Games – Credit (s): Metropolitan Films

It must be said that thanks to his advantageous physique and his inco charm ntestable, Finnick became very popular among the fairer sex after his victory. To the point of being more famous for his many flirtations than his bravery in the Arena. However, behind his beautiful devastating smile, the young man hides a dark secret as has been revealed in Hunger Games Revolt . And for good reason, Finnick confides that it was actually Snow who forced him to prostitute himself by threatening to attack his relatives . An even more murky revelation when you realize that at that time, the young man was 03 years !

Finnick in the Hunger Games saga – Credit ( s): Metropolitan Films

An important twist that makes us seeing the character from a whole new, much more tragic perspective. Indeed, in addition to having to live with the trauma of having killed innocent people in order to survive, this the latter who was not even of legal age then had to comply with the repeated humiliations of the tyrannical president of Panem

. Even though he was covered in gold and received everything he wanted – materially speaking – his psychological suffering never stopped. Snow secretly continued to torture him in order to keep a hold on him. A hideous facet of his personality that we will most likely find in the prequel of Hunger Games in preparation dedicated to his youth .

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