Indiana Jones 5: Is the Archaeologist's Death Inevitable?


Will Indiana Jones 5 mark the end of the journey for the iconic character played by Harrison Ford? We are looking into the matter.

Fans of the famous archaeologist must have heaved a sigh of relief when 'he was confirmed that Harrison Ford would not be replaced in Indiana Jones 5 . There were indeed many rumors of a change in casting, with Chris Pratt potentially taking over the role. Hallway noises finally denied by Harrison Ford himself. The Indy that we know will therefore be back. Yes, but for how long ? We can not help but think that this fifth opus could be the last for Indiana Jones, and thus lead to the last steps of the character on the big screen. It remains to be seen whether it will be a simple goodbye or rather a farewell.

Harrison Ford sera une fois de plus Indiana Jones dans le cinquième opus de la franchise
Harrison Ford will once again be Indiana Jones in the fifth installment of the franchise – Credit (s): Paramount Pictures

The controls of this Indiana Jones 5 , we find the filmmaker James Mangold, known in particular for having produced the excellent Logan . Many expect the director to take inspiration from the latter and bring a final point to the Adventurer's story arc. The two films have in fact in common the fact of bringing to the screen a cult character who has reached a climax in his life. As Logan , Indiana Jones 5 could thus end with the death of its main protagonist, rather than simply letting him retire or stop there. Killing a character not only brings an important dramatic dimension to a film, it also makes that departure definitive, unless a reboot or a remake goes through it. While a likely option, Indiana Jones' death would however be almost too predictable. To end a saga as emblematic as this one, we imagine that other scenarios are possible. So Indy's death does not seem so inevitable to us.

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