James Bond: Sam Heughan (Outlander) ready to succeed Daniel Craig?


Sam Heughan joins the long list of British actors that some already imagine in the costume of James Bond.

Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, or Cillian Murphy, the list of potential replacements for Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond continues to grow. Another name is also included, that of Sam Heughan, known for the role of Jamie Fraser in the series Outlander . Seeing his name suggested does not mean, however, being prepared to shoulder the responsibility of playing such a character. So, would Sam Heughan agree to become James Bond? The actor was asked the question during an interview with The Daily Telegraph and his answer is more than clear. “Yes, of course. That would be a big yes. Any actor would like it. But I I also have a theory that any British actor who is quite famous and has worn a costume will have his name nominated by the fans. “

Sam Heughan aka Spy Sebastian Henshaw – Credit (s): Lionsgate This may interest you : Avengers Endgame: Will the invention of time travel be destroyed by superheroes?

Sam Heughan has indeed already worn a costume and even played spies. It was in the comedy The spy who dumped me, exit in 2018 and in which we find him alongside the actresses Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon. A bow tie is not, however, its only common point with James Bond. The British actor had indeed auditioned for Casino Royale

, but was not chosen as you might expect. If he tries his luck again, maybe this time it will be the right one. Unless Daniel Craig doesn't change his mind after Die Can Wait , and that he decides to re-stack one (real) last time.