Jurassic Park: This little mistake spotted by a fan that totally changes the plot of the franchise


The entire future of the Jurassic Park franchise is called into question following this discovery!

It's a revelation that could upset everything! After discovering a detail hidden from the beginning of the film Jurassic Park which foreshadowed everything that was to happen afterwards , a fan of the saga spotted a significant error. Indeed, as pointed out by the site Looper , a user named MattAPlaton would have detected on Reddit a major problem in the plot of the hit saga. And for good reason, the species of mosquito mummified in the cane of John Hammond, the owner of the park, presents a real error of consistency. The reason ? The latter is a Toxorhynchites Rutilus , more commonly known as the elephant mosquito . Problem: this species of mosquito from the Culicidae family does not drink blood.

John Hammond in Jurassic Park and the Mosquito fossilized – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Yes yes, you read that right! As reported by the International Vector-Vector Disease Control Agency, this species prefers to “ feed exclusively on sugary substances such as flower nectar, plant sap or even rotten fruit juice “. An important detail which therefore calls into question the main plot of the saga directed by Steven Spielberg. And for good reason, if the prehistoric mosquito fossilized in amber and kept in John Hammond's cane is not a “bloodsucker”, the latter therefore logically cannot be used to clone the DNA of dinosaurs. Indeed, the latter very probably never drank in his life a single drop of blood from a sauropod or a theropod. A major and surprising discovery that is blemish, just like

this big inconsistency spotted by a fan in the tree scene of Jurassic Park with Alan, Tim and Lex .

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