Jurassic World 3: Could several dinosaur parks emerge at the end of the film?


An idea that could strangely recall the project once depicted by John Hammond!

While the third installment of Jurassic World is eagerly awaited by fans, many of them are wondering what will be the outcome of the franchise. Teased as a science thriller by its director, Colin Trevorrow , there is no doubt that the film should immerse us in the consequences of cloning and address the limits of science. Recurring themes in the franchise that could also mark the end of Dominion through the construction of several dinosaur parks. Indeed, different infrastructures similar to the sites of Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar could see the light of day at the end of the saga, across the world.

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An originality presented by the feature film which would allow it to stand out from the previous sections, the latter having been attached to filming the adventures of our characters almost exclusively in remote places and islands. If we know that the invasion of dinosaurs at the end of Fallen Kingdom should allow the action to be placed at different points on the globe, as evidenced by this

this photo teases an unusual and freezing filming location, the franchise could revert to its original codes by filming the construction of several parks. These could then be placed in various places around the world. However, what would be the interest of their development vis-à-vis the saga?

Jurassic World. – Credit (s): Universal Studios

Assuming that humans will have to coexist with dinosaurs, it wouldn't be surprising that most – or at least the most dangerous – be kept in parks, similar to nature reserves. While protecting them from potential external threats, groups of scientists linked to these infrastructures could study them, without however carrying out experiments that could affect their integrity. We can also imagine that the return of the original cast consisting of Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Sam Neill could be in charge of such measures alongside Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), and complement the vision once envisioned by John Hammond.

Jurassic Park. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures International France

Nevertheless, another possibility would be that these parks also serve to perpetuate the cloning experiments and the materialization of hybrids thanks to the DNA of the dinosaurs, assuming that BioSyn won their duel against InGen. Using unsavory methods, this rival genetic society could indeed capitalize on the invasion of dinosaurs in order to assert the need to build parks and thus secretly pursue unnatural experiments. If it will be necessary to wait until June 8 768 to find out the outcome of the franchise, it would not be surprising if Colin Trevorrow's film uses this scriptwriting spring. Everything will depend finally, the use that is made of it and the conclusion that the filmmaker intends to offer to his project …

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