Justice League: Aquaman (Jason Momoa) is patient by the ocean in this new photo from the Snyder & apos; s Cut


Aquaman is patient by the ocean in this new Justice League Snyder’s Cut photo!

Arthur Curry is patient by the ocean in this new black and white photo of the Snyder’s Cut from Justice League ! Played by Jason Momoa, soon to be featured in Aquaman 2 – which could be the most expensive DCEU film to produce -, this great -hero is appreciated by fans for his daring and ardor. In the snap below, captured by Hollywood trainer and photographer Mark Twight, he can be seen talking to a character who doesn’t appear in the shot. It seems to be very windy, and he is wearing a winter coat. Behind him, we can see cliffs and the ocean.

According to the few clues present in the photo, it is possible that it is taken from the first part of Justice League , presumably during the recruitment of Arthur Curry by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). Zack Snyder’s montage is expected to include scenes around Aquaman that were cut from Joss Whedon’s edit. These should help craft a more compelling story around the superhero. For example, we should finally find out how Arthur got Atlanna’s trident before joining the rest of the team! We can’t wait, aren’t you? And that’s not all, because Justice League is not the only movie from superhero planned for 2021!