Justice League: Why is Superman's black suit in the Snyder Cut so much about him?


Black suit here, black suit there, we explain why DC Comics fans so want to see Superman wearing him in Justice League.

Since its existence was confirmed, Zack Snyder has made many revelations about his famous Snyder Cut from Justice League , the latest being Jared Leto’s Joker look in the movie. Among the announcements that most delighted fans, we find that of the appearance of the black costume of Superman. This detail was indeed eagerly awaited by fans of the superhero and DC Comics, who already hoped to find it in the version of the blockbuster released in the cinema. If this outfit is so important, it is not only for aesthetic reasons. To understand it, we have to go back to its origins in comic books.

Superman in black suit in the Snyder Cut of Justice League – Credit (s): DC Comics, Warner Bros, HBO Max

It’s hard to imagine Superman’s death as the character is perceived as immortal so to speak. However, his death marked the universe of DC Comics in the years with the comic book series The Death of Superman . Just like in Batman v Superman , it was while fighting Doomsday that the superhero died out, unlike in the tapes- drawn he died of exhaustion. A tragic disappearance that led to the arrival of new Supermen, including the Superboy clone. However, their reign didn’t really last as the hero came back to life, wearing the infamous black costume for the very first time.

Superman, back in his black suit – Credit (s): DC Comics See the article : Marvel : Deadpool rejoint officiellement le MCU.

This variant has different name such as costume recovery, regeneration costume, or solar regeneration costume. So you guessed it, she helped Superman get back on his feet after his death, and regain all of his strength and power. D ‘ Kryptonian origin, the black suit allows him to capture and absorb the sun’s rays, the source of his powers, more efficiently and more quickly. In the comics, it was the robots of the Fortress of Solitude who put him on Superman’s lifeless body, while he regenerated in a healing capsule, also Kryptonian. The costume will reappear a few years later, once again to allow Superman to regain his then-lost powers. More recently, in the comic book series Superman, Lois and Clark , the duo find themselves in a reality that is not theirs and in which a Superman is already present. Kal-El then opts for the black suit, so as not to attract attention.

Clark Kent discovers the black suit in the Fortress of Solitude in the Snyder Cut – Credit (s): DC Comics, Warner Bros

If we talk so much about this dark variant, it’s because it does reference to an iconic moment in Superman’s history, adapted in part thanks to the latter’s death at the end of Batman v Superman . The black costume is also a good way to introduce some notions of Kryptonian biology, and to recall the origins of the superhero. Sadly, Warner Bros. Studios figured black didn’t match the lighter tone they’ve been so striving for, and Superman got his good old red and blue suit back. However, things are going to be very different in the Snyder Cut of Justice League , since recent images show Kal-El wearing this famous outfit. Enough to make us hope for a much better return for the latter, than the one we saw in the cinema.

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