Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) & amp; amp; Jonathan Groff (Glee) reunited for a musical from the makers of How I Met Your Mother


Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff will be reunited in a musical comedy imagined by the creators of the series How I Met Your Mother.

Here is a magic duo! If the voices of Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff may not speak not to the French public, they are nevertheless known in the United States since Kristen Bell is none other than Anna de La Snow Queen, when Jonathan Groff lends his features to his lover, Kristoff. This quality duo will soon be reunited in the musical feature film Molly and The Moon , a film which promises to be extremely touching, imagined by the creators of the successful series How I Met Your Mother. They were inspired by personal experience to write the script since Craig Thomas takes this idea for a film from his own story, that of the birth of his first child, a little boy, born with a serious illness requiring numerous operations .


Kristen Bell & Jonathan Groff reunited in Molly & The Moon – Credit (s): Getty

For weeks, both parents could not hold the baby in their arms and for act with him, decided to sing songs to him as often as possible. Craig Thomas then wondered what this beginning of life was like for his little boy and it was this experience that gave him the idea for the film Molly and The Moon . He explained thus: “Molly is that little girl and the moon represents life. We imagine a fantastic world that comes across the real world in a surprising way “. Kristen Bell will lend her voice to Molly's mom, Kate, when Jonathan Groff will lend her voice to that of dad, Brian . While waiting to discover this beautiful project, we have bad news for all the fans of

Jonathan Groff: Mindhunter series airing on Netflix seems to have been canceled.

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