La Casa de Papel part 3: This continuity error in the season premiere that everyone missed about Arturo


It's astonishing that the showrunner of La Casa de Papel let such an error pass about Arturo!

It is not only the Spanish police that makes errors in the series La Casa de Papel ! Indeed, even Alex Pina , the showrunner of the show Netflix the most profitable of all time, has the right to its share of big balls. The proof, an internet user recently discovered a surprising continuity error in the season premiere of season 3. A scriptwriting inaccuracy that nobody had noticed until today and which, however, once spotted, is seen as the nose in the middle of the face! Especially since it concerns a very controversial character in the series. We are of course talking about the unbearable and arrogant Arturo, the former director of the Fabrique Nationale de la Monnaie embodied by Enrique Arce.

Cincinnati, the son from Arturo and Stockholm raised by Denver – Credit (s): Netflix Read also : The Boys season 3: Will L & amp; apos; Herogasm be the most sulphurous moment of the series?

It was after viewing Arturo's speech again, delivered in the first episode of season 3, that the user realized the clumsiness. Indeed, remember! In his speech, the latter in search of glory after the first robbery tells whoever wants to hear him that he is a national hero. Become a life coach, Arturo who is then in full tour of promotion, starts to speak about his “child” which he had with Monica (Stockholm) while regretting not to have been able to raise “his son”. An inconsistent detail given that at this point the robbers are supposed to be hiding from the rest of the world. It then appears totally improbable that Arturo could have known the sex of the child.

which fortunately never had any impact on the rest of the plot, unlike these

two big strategic mistakes made by the Professor in La Casa de Papel .

Credits: Netflix, Youtube

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