La Casa de Papel part 5: These clues that lead us to believe that El Profesor will sacrifice himself


There is a good chance that the brains of the gang will die in part 5 of La Casa de Papel if we are to believe all these clues.

Moscow, Berlin, but also Nairobi … Many characters from La Casa de Papel have met a sad fate. However, one of them could return in the next episodes! If he will certainly make his comeback in the form of flashbacks, it is the ghost of El Profesor that we could meet in the final part to come. The rumor has been swelling on social media for a long time, and while Álvaro Morte is hoping fans are wrong, the brains of the gang may well perish in future episodes. Several clues let us think that El Profesor will sacrifice himself to save his friends, thus putting an end to the narrative arc of his character …

Sentenced to live on same fate as his father and his brother

Is that adage “never two without three” could work here? Anyway, it is legitimate to think that El Profesor would follow the same path as that of his father (died in a robbery) and his brother, killed in the same circumstances . These three individuals are consumed with their vices and their thirst for wealth, which is the reason why this cannot end well for them.

The poster warns “that all cannot end well”

The poster of season 5 of La Casa de Papel is very meaningful: the mask of Dali, used by the robbers as a brand image and symbol of claims is down, broken and damaged . It could also mean that in order to be successful criminals had to overcome obstacles, but given the grim nature of the photo, it is rather believed that this poster does not bode well. Dali's eye is blank, as if no one is there yet to hide their head behind the mask. In comments on his photo, Netflix wrote “The Heist is coming to an end.” The platform necessarily draws a parallel to the conclusion of the Spanish series, but certainly evokes the death of its main character.

Álvaro Morte announces that “The end of La Casa de Papel will not let the spectator breathe”

Long awaited by fans of the series, the last part of La Casa de Papel is announced full of twists and turns! Between the fate of El Profesor facing Alicia, the truth about Tatiana's identity, the involvement of the police, the outcome of the robbery … The next episodes should make us go through all the emotions. What is certain is that after this conclusion, the spectator will not be able to remain unmoved, like the tease Álvaro Morte: “the end does not won't let it breathe “. Even if we start to prepare for it, what could be more shocking than seeing El Profesor die?

Alicia threatens to shoot him

Alicia Alicia

Alicia – Credit (s ): Netflix

Finally, even if we expect to see El Profesor die in the last part in more dramatic conditions than that, let's not forget that Alicia Sierra entered his tent with the intention of killing him. We doubt that – if he should be assassinated or if he sacrifices himself – this is linked to the former head of the police. However, this option should not be ruled out because anything is possible: if it is, El Profesor will die from the first episode, and that, nobody will have seen it coming! What is most surprising now, 4284512 is to hear Itziar Ituno evoke a possible season 6 of La Casa de Papel , while the fifth part is announced as the last of the show for months.