Lady's Game on Netflix: Beth pregnant in season 2? Anya Taylor-Joy teases a possible sequel


Is this really the end of The Lady’s Game on Netflix? Not so sure …

While we were coming back there has some time on the end of The Lady’s Game with Anya Taylor-Joy who points out the biggest flaw in biopics , we are still looking at the event series Netflix with possible good news. The actress who played Beth Harmon so brilliantly recently spoke about her hopes for a Season 2 for the series that ranked among Netflix’s biggest hits in a very short period of time. Series creator Scott Frank and executive producer William Horberg explained that in order to stay true to the book the series is drawn from, no sequel has been planned, but all is not lost.

Beth Harmon – Credit ( s): Netflix

“I find it surreal and really great that people want a second season, because we don’t never thought about it, it was never discussed. But that being said, you should never say never in Hollywood “. And if a season 2 of Game of the Lady takes place, Anya Taylor-Joy already knows what she would like to see there . “I think it would be very interesting to see Beth become mother and how she would behave, now that she is clean and a little more aware of the demons that can pull her down “. The chess champion seemed in any case to have a great destiny in front of her, and while waiting to know if she could return one day, there you go

the real reason Beth bought Alma’s house from her stepfather in The Lady’s Game on Netflix.


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