Legacies season 3: The titles of the first 5 episodes revealed, what do they teach us?


Legacies season 3

Posted by Solène S. on .

After months of absence and doubt, the CW has finally unveiled the titles of the first five episodes of season 3 of Legacies!

Like many other series, season 2 of Legacies has been discontinued due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Season Finale still featured some rather shocking cliffhangers. Hope remained stranded in her sleep while Landon was killed … But then, who will wake Hope and above all, will her boyfriend be resuscitated? Many questions remain unanswered for the moment and the information on season 3 of Legacies are quite rare. Fortunately, the CW has just unveiled the titles of the first five episodes of this season 3 of Legacies and this allows us to try to spot some clues!

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Season 3 of Legacies is finally starting to reveal itself. The Season Premiere is titled “We're Not Worthy “. There will surely be questions from the students of Salvatore School. L e second intrigues us more: “Goodbyes Sure Do Suck “. Who are we going to have to say goodbye to? Is Landon going to die? We fear the worst! Episode 3 appears to be a musical episode. In “Salvatore: The Musical!” , Hope and her friends should sing along. The following two are quite mysterious: “Hold on Tight “as well as ” This is What It Takes “.

This season 3 of Legacies should pick up where we left off the series but one thing is certain, it is that many twists should be there!