Loki: Did Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif) join Tom Hiddleston on the set of the series? A photo sows doubt


Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif) teases an appearance in Loki, the series with Tom Hiddleston!

A photo posted by Jaimie Alexander on social networks teases the presence of the actress in the casting of Loki . The interpreter of Lady Sif, the ally of Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) could have joined Tom Hiddleston on the set of his Marvel series. Currently on sets in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, in the United States, the comedian can his solo adventures in the skin of the God of Malice. Now, it is precisely in this city that Jaimie Alexander visited two weeks ago! Does that mean she will appear in the first season? Knowing that she will be back in Thor 4 , it's a safe bet that we'll see her in other MCU projects as well. Especially Loki , the Disney series being a priority for Marvel Studios .

séJaimie Alexander – Credit (s): Instagram On the same subject : 007 will bequeath you his license to kill if you score 10 in this quiz on Daniel Craig's James Bond.

On the way to Atlanta . This is the first time I have traveled by plane during the pandemic … Not too bad. Masked, full of disinfectant, sitting alone and well hydrated. cleanest plane I have ever taken “says Jaimie Alexander in the caption of his Instagram post. Lady Sif has been a staunch friend of the Blond God during the first two films of the franchise devoted to her. But the warrior was not present during the events of Thor Ragnarok (directed by Taika Waititi) and her fate remains a mystery. Although we now know with a virtual certainty that she is alive! Would you like to see this character cross the road of Loki? Or would you prefer that one of these God of Malice theories be included in the Disney series?

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