Lucifer season 5: could the second part be released on Christmas day?


At the moment, Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 does not have an official date yet, but according to one final clue, it is possible that it's Christmas Day!

As Lucifer fans eagerly await news of the game's air date Season 2) Lucifer , the actors and the team have given some clues about these next episodes … It could be that the Lucifans have a beautiful Christmas present under the foot of the tree. Lucifer's showrunner, Ildy Modrovich, took to her social networks to share a snapshot that particularly intrigued us. Is it possible that this season 5 of Lucifer will be available as of Christmas day on Netflix? It would be a nice way to end this year 2020 in beauty !

Ildy Modrovich posted a snapshot, behind the scenes of the shooting of season 5 of Lucifer , of a mysterious man disguised as Santa Claus . To accompany this photo, she commented: “ Just another average Christmas” . And it didn't take long for Lucifer fans to think about what this festive post might mean – with some expecting a “Santa and the Devil” reunion. However, it could also mean a nice Christmas present to all fans with the Christmas Day broadcast. .. Another guess would be that the release date of this season 5 of Lucifer was announced on 25 December! For the moment, the mystery hovers but while waiting to know more,

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