Lucifer season 5: is Chloe really human?


Lucifer season 5

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The mysteries surrounding Chloe Decker are numerous! But then, is Trixie's mother really human or is she a celestial being in Lucifer?

Chloe Decker is a very mysterious woman. Read also : Black Widow: A new romance for Natasha Romanoff, good or bad idea? If she appears to be human, there are a few things that leave us puzzled in Lucifer . First of all, she's a miracle baby. She's been blessed by God, and we've never had the final say in the evil Netflix series yet. Furthermore, Lucifer is vulnerable by his side … She has the ability to make him more human. So what is Chloe Decker's secret? Is it possible that she is more than a human?

The next episodes of Lucifer season 5 could put in light up Chloe's past and especially her mysterious abilities!

Coming from another world? – Credit (s): Netflix

One of the greatest mysteries of Lucifer is how Chloe and Lucifer Morningstar can stay together … He's immortal, she's meant to be human and therefore fatal. Is it possible that the heroine is more than a human? In a previous interview at Australian Comic Con in 2018, Lauren German had mentioned this hypothesis and had revealed: “ I think we were going in the direction that maybe Chloe wasn't human, so you know, there's a reason Lucifer is vulnerable around Chloe. So I think I'm probably from another world … I don't know what to call her because I don't really have the terminology but I know Chloe is probably not human ” . The actress had finally added: “ If the series lasted six to seven seasons, I think Chloe would end up being something other than a human . ”

Season 6 of Lucifer could therefore explore the origins of the detective!

Credits: Comic Con Australia