Lucifer season 5: is the angel Amenadiel in serious danger of death?


While the second part of Lucifer's Season 5 could be released faster than expected, a new photo worries fans about Amenadiel.

When it comes to unearthing details about upcoming episodes of Lucifer , the fans are stronger than the FBI! If we believe the latest rumor, the second part of season 5 of Lucifer could come out during the day of Christmas. This would obviously be great news, except that a new clue teased by Rachael Harris , the interpreter of Linda, greatly worries the fans. On an Instagram photo, we see her crying in Lucifer's arms and she writes in comment: “What what happened here? We will see it in season 5a … “. For the spectators, there is little doubt: something serious has happened to Amenadiel.

Linda and Lucifer – Credit (s ): Rachael Harris This may interest you : Lucifer season 5: is Chloe really human?

Immediately, the fans speculated on the sequel: They say something went wrong with Amenadiel, and it could be related to the return of God and to Michael. If Linda seems so sad and worried, it could also be because of her child Charlie.

We learned during the cliffhanger of the first part that he may not be immortal (we Little believes in it), enough to imagine that he would be vulnerable if he was captured a second time by terrible creatures. As for Amenadiel, it is possible that he will be subjected to new problems in the next episodes, but his interpreter has already been seen on the set of season 6. So little chance that he will disappear forever! While waiting for the release of

season 5 bis of Lucifer , discover the first extract of the new episodes.

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