Lucifer season 6: episode 2, the title unveiled, what does it teach us?


Season 6 of Lucifer gradually begins to unfold. Moreover, the title of episode 2 has been unveiled and here is what it tells us.

The Lucifans are particularly eager to find the Deckerstar duo on their screens . Season 5 Episode 8 Lucifer ended with a huge cliffhanger which was breathtaking. Lucifer's father, cited since the very first season of the evil series, has finally landed! The viewers were therefore entitled to an epic family reunion in the midst of a celestial fight between Lucifer, Amenadiel and their brother, Miachel. The intentions of the evil twin of the devil are still a mystery, but the sequel promises to be thrilling. In addition, to our delight, Netflix has renewed Lucifer for a season 6 and the title of episode 2 has even been released.

Le titre de l'épisode 2 dévoilé !

The title of episode 2 revealed! – Credit (s): Netflix

The shooting of the season 6 of Lucifer has started and the first details have just been unveiled. If the title of the Season Premiere suggests that the plot could take place in Paradise, the second is much more mysterious. This episode is titled “ Buckets of Baggage” . Given that the titles of Lucifer are often lines of dialogue of the characters and in particular of Lucifer, it is quite possible that it is the king of the underworld who said these few words . Season 6 Episode 2 Lucifer could therefore be centered on Lucifer's past and perhaps even his childhood alongside God and his many brothers and sisters … While waiting to know more, find out if a crossover between Lucifer and Batwoman could emerge.

Credits: Netflix, SpoilerTV

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