Lucifer season 6: Tom Ellis in tears while reading the scenario of the Series Finale



The end of Lucifer is fast approaching and Tom Ellis, like the other members of the team, cannot hide their sadness and their emotions.

The shooting of season 6 is about to be finish. This may interest you : Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: Should Finn (John Boyega) have been the hero of the final trilogy? Devilish Fan-Loved Series will soon be phased out . Lucifer had an extraordinary fate as she was twice saved from the annulment. While the Season Finale of season 5 of Lucifer was written as a final episode, the actors, the teams and the fans were pleasantly surprised to see their dream come true. Unfortunately, this dreaded end is well and truly approaching. Si

Lesley Ann-Brandt emotionally shared the training of her last fight scene in season 6 of Lucifer , now it’s Tom Ellis’ turn to share his feelings.

I had something in my eye. Honest.

– tom ellis (@tomellis 15) March 3, 2021

Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker’s story will come to an end shortly after six action-packed and devilishly hilarious seasons. Lucifer Morningstar, Tom Ellis, and co-showrunner Joe Henderson took to Twitter to share how they participated in their penultimate playtable. While Joe Henderson shared: “Today was the penultimate #Lucifer’s reading table … if we had this emotion today I’m terrified how much I’m going to cry at the last .. . ” To this Tom Ellis replied: “ I had something in my eyes. Honestly “. The emotion is so intense that Tom Ellis will be in tears for the Final Series of Lucifer. For six years, Lucifer’s teams have become a big family. The farewells and the last scene should break our hearts.

Credits: Twitter @ TomEllis

Lucifer season 6

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