Lucifer season 6: Trixie absent from the next episodes?


Lucifer has been renewed for a season 6 by Netflix, but then, will the young Trixie be present in these final episodes of the diabolical series?

Fans can’t wait to see the second part of season 5 of Lucifer. After a thrilling and intense episode 8, many questions burn our lips. Why did God come to Earth? Will he and Lucifer be reconciled? And above all, will the devil say “I love you” to Chloe in this season 5 of Lucifer? One thing is certain, it is that the sequel looks promising and we should have a happy-ending since Lucifer’s season 5 was to be the very last series. With the renewal, the Lucifans are nevertheless wondering. Will Trixie be present in season 6 of Lucifer?

Trixie is back! – Credit (s): Netflix

The last season of Lucifer containing only 06 episodes, will Trixie be one of them? Actress Scarlett Estevez has been busy making a movie and now her new series so will does she have time to come back to the evil show?

Matt from TVLine has the answer and explained: “ I checked with co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, and they assured that in seasons 5B and 6 , fans will always get their dose of Trixie. We love Scarlett and have mixed things up a bit to make sure we can continue the story of the future president of Mars! “ Confidences more than reassuring. While waiting to learn more, find out if a character could die in season 6 of Lucifer.

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