Lupine: Assane Diop (Omar Sy) unveils the plan of his heist in this new extract unveiled by Netflix



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Netflix has just unveiled a promising first extract from its future series Lupine with Omar Sy.

These are the fans of the actor who will be delighted! Three weeks after unveiling the official trailer for Lupine , the future Netflix series worn by Omar Sy , the streaming platform takes the suspense up a notch. And for good reason, the latter has just unveiled a very promising first extract from the show inspired by the life of Arsène Lupine, the gentleman burglar. An unprecedented sequence that allows fans of Omar Sy to preview a new preview of the plot of the episodes scheduled for January 8 2021 . A modern scene which draws its inspiration from the incredible adventures of the character created by Maurice Leblanc, but also claims great scriptwriting liberties which breathe a breath of innovative freshness.

“You saw me, but you didn't look at me. “In preview, an unprecedented scene from Lupine: in the shadow of Arsene. Available January 8.

– Netflix France (@NetflixFR)

December 18, 2020

Not to be confused with a new adaptation, the series entitled Lupine: in the shadow of Arsène will revisit the narrative arc of the burglar gentleman in a contemporary style. Here Assane Diop, alias Omar Sy, decides to avenge the death of his father, victim of an injustice, by slipping into the skin of his favorite hero and by carrying out an anthology heist. In the scene unveiled by Netflix, Assane details – not without a touch of irony – his clever plan to steal the inestimable necklace exhibited in the Louvre and having belonged to Marie-Antoinette

. A robbery that this maintenance agent, resourceful and malicious, will take pleasure in executing the nose and beard of people nicknamed “those above”. It promises ! While waiting for the release of the first five episodes, also discover our review of Soul , the new funny and moving Disney animated film starring Omar Sy .