Lupine: Juliette Pelligrini on the verge of becoming Assane's worst enemy?


Assane Diop could be dealing with Juliette Pelligrini in part 2 of Lupine, about to take over the family business!

If Assane Diop managed to bluff the spectators with all his tricks in part 2 of Lupine , he could be less clever in the next episodes. And for good reason, the tide does not seem to have turned in his favor: Raoul was captured by Pelligrini’s henchman, his ex-wife is very angry with him, and the police officer Youssef Guedira has seen clearly in his little game … Worse still, Juliette, the daughter of Hubert Pelligrini seems torn between the idea of ​​saving her family from scandal and bankruptcy and her desire to remain faithful to her convictions. Unfortunately, many elements let us think that Juliette will want to save the honor of her ancestors, even if it means defeating Assane Diop (Omar Sy ) on his way.

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First, she sees that her father is aging and that he is less resistant to hard knocks. Although he hasn’t always been an exemplary dad, she loves him and doesn’t want to see him suffer. She also understands that her father is trying to hand over the baton to her little by little, hence the fact that he has entrusted her with the sale of Marie-Antoinette’s necklace. If this famous jewel is partly responsible for the suicide of Assane’s father, Juliette was only a teenager at the time and was not aware of her father’s scheming. Now, she has understood everything and she finds herself therefore faced with a major dilemma: deny her values ​​and her convictions to save the honor of her family or choose to remain faithful to her – even and send his own to court.

Lupine – Credit (s): Netflix

Since it was also her who showed up at the meeting given by Assane to find out more about the theft of the necklace, we doubts she made her choice. Juliette Pelligrini seems to want to take charge of this case, and we suspect that it will lead to many more . If it will be difficult to betray her childhood friend, Juliette will certainly do her best to protect her father, even if it means coaxing Captain Dumont, as her father had done at the time. What she may not imagine is that Assane Diop loves being up against tough opponents and that he won’t forfeit as easily as she thinks! 4336211 Just wait for the release of the next episodes of Lupine on Netflix to discover this potential affront.

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