Lupine: These tricks of Assane (Omar Sy) who amazed the fans


Assane Diop has chained scams after scams in Lupine, and we have decided to come back to his best shots.

If Assane Diop proved his talents as a detective in Lupine , he could always be supported by Sherlock Holmes in the second part . After all, it would allow him to focus on his scams, the area he is best at. We must admit that in just five episodes, Assane Diop (Omar Sy) had time to show us the extent of his talent and his various missions totally amazed the fans. If we can obviously cite the moment when he kidnapped the police officer Dumont, his entry and his escape from prison, the scam of the old lady, or his mastery of Deep Fake technology … Assane Diop surprised us many times, but particularly during these three moments.

Assane Diop impersonated Salvatore brilliantly


Lupine – Credit (s): netflix

One of his best beating is evidently when Assane posed as old man Salvatore, a journalist charged with exposing the terrorist attack. Read also : Gray & amp; apos; s Anatomy season 17: have Derek, Mark, Addison and Teddy ever crossed paths in New York? organized by Hubert Pelligrini in 1996 . Unfortunately for our Arsene Lupine impersonator, this rich businessman has a long arm and has had time to notice the deception and edit the video in time! Missed coup for Assane, who had all the same taken care to take care of his old man appearance (almost) to perfection.

Assane Diop managed to bluff everyone by pretending to be a delivery man


Lupine – Credit (s): netflix

When Assane wanted to speak quietly to Juliette Pelligrini without getting caught, he had the idea of ​​disguising himself as a food delivery man. To see also : Breaking Bad: we finally know Walter White's biggest weakness. And while the police thought they’d nab him once his conversation with Juliette was over, Assane once again managed to bluff us. And for good reason, there was not just one guy disguised as a Deli Eat delivery man but more than fifty! Suddenly, impossible to dissociate the real Assane among all those who were present … Too clever this Assane!

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