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Season 2 of Manifest has just ended on TF1 and here are the first details on season 3, which promises to be just as mysterious!

If Manifest Season 2 ended several months ago in the United States, it has only just ended on TF1. It is therefore normal that fans of the most mysterious series of its generation want to know all the details about the next episodes. If for the moment, no release date has yet been officially communicated regarding this season 3 of Manifest , the coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately delayed its dissemination. We must expect to find the passengers of the flight 100 in March 2021… In any case, the sequel promises to be just as mysterious as these first two seasons and new characters have joined the cast of this season 3 of Manifest !

Find out what happened to Flight 828 when # Manifest returns to @ NBC in 2021. ✈️

– Manifest (@NBCManifest)

August 21, 2020

The titles of the first two episodes of season 3 of Manifest were disclosed by NBC and they are respectively entitled “ Tailfin” and “ Deadhead” . Unfortunately, they offer us very few clues to the plot! Moreover, the cast of Manifest is growing! Will Peltz joins this family to play Levi,

a teaching assistant at the university where Ben works. His expertise in archeology puts him in touch with Olive, eager to explore the results of TJ’s Egyptian research. Warner Miller (Luke Cage) also landed the recurring role of Tarik, Grace's estranged half-brother who reluctantly agrees to help the Stone family when they have nowhere to turn. For her part, Holly Taylor will play the role of Angelina , a passenger on the flight 100 which until now has remained under Ben's radar. Its re-emergence will play a vital role in the life of the Stone family this season. How will he relate to her? While waiting to learn more,

find out how the writers are doing explore the legacy of Eden in Manifest season 3.

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