Mank on Netflix: A film dedicated to Herman J. Mankiewicz reserved for moviegoers, our review


After 6 years of waiting, David Fincher returns to our screens with the release of Mank on Netflix, and it is certainly the most difficult film to access that he has made.

If you don't know what to watch next Ava , Netflix has plenty of thrillers action with badass heroines in its catalog. In a completely different register, Netflix has just published the last project of the very good David Fincher, Mank . After Gone Girl , Seven or Zodiac , the director offers a black and white feature film dedicated to Herman J. Mankiewicz, the co-writer of Citizen Kane. This is by far his most difficult film to access, so different from the opuses we are used to seeing. Unsurprisingly, Mank only remained one day in the top most viewed content on Netflix, and for good reason, it's because 'he cannot please the majority. Deep, colorful and sometimes shocking, Mank can it be of interest only to moviegoers?

Thinking that Mank could only appeal to moviegoers would be too reductive reasoning, but it would be unrealistic to say that David Fincher's film could reach all kinds of viewers, like a blockbuster . Mank pays a sublime tribute to the golden age of Hollywood but also to the profession of screenwriter, exercised by his father. In 2 hours, it is very possible that some moments bored you, but Mank never promised twists and twists. Rather, attention should be paid to the details, the precision of the script and the coded messages. Certain realities of the director may nevertheless seem disturbing, such as the age difference of couples . Indeed, the filmmaker is played by Gary Oldman – 62 years – while Tuppence Middleton, 33 years old, lends his features to his wife. Yet the real Herman J. Mankiewicz and his wife, Sara, were born in the same year, in 1897. Mank is certainly not a film that we are going to binge-watcher on a Sunday night, it is rather the feature film that deserves a lot of attention. Nevertheless, it is not easy to get carried away in the universe of Mank because it is so special. Maybe the musical The Prom on Netflix could appeal to more large spectators !

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