Marvel: after Deadpool, the X-Men are also preparing their arrival in the Avengers universe

Marvel: after Deadpool, the X-Men are also preparing their arrival in the Avengers universe

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has given some news regarding the arrival of the X-Men in the MCU and it's obviously just a matter of time and organization.

Between all the new superheroes that will be introduced in the next Phases 4 and 5, whether in the cinema or on Disney +, and the new Marvel franchises that Disney has placed under its fold after its takeover of Fox, the MCU will become an anthill in which it may be more and more complicated to navigate. Among the returnees from the parent company, The Fantastic 4 should be the first to be entitled to their reboot with director Jon Watts to whom we owe the two (and soon three) Spider-Man by Tom Holland.

The Fantastic Four movie was announced by Kevin Feige during Disney Investor Day last December, before the Architect of the Extended Universe just recently confirmed Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) 'future presence in the MCU via the construction start. of Deadpool 3. But not a word has been slipped on the fate of the X-Men.

Even if the saga broke its teeth with the last X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants (and X-Men: Apocalypse even before), that the franchise is an extended universe on its own with seven films, three opus derivatives on Wolverine, two on Wade Wilson and a spin-off, nobody imagines the mutants being abandoned at the bottom of a drawer so far.

The company promises to be colossal, especially given the attachment fans have to certain characters and their interpreter, but Kevin Feige was rather reassuring about their integration into the MCU during a recent interview with Screenrant:

"You know how much I love the X-Men. I already said that's where I started. I can't tell you anything until we've announced it, but rest assured, discussions have been long and continue internally. "

It now remains to be seen whether Disney intends to wipe out the past and reboot the entire universe and its characters to tape them to the Avengers (or Young Avengers or any superhero team that will replace them), or if the fans can expect to find some heads, which seems unlikely given the reception given to the last Dark Phoenix and the events that took place there.

Until we hear more, our review on The New Mutants is right here and the one on Dark Phoenix right there. We also did a ranking of the entire X-Men saga on this side.

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