Marvel: Chris Evans reportedly in negotiations to replay Captain America in the MCU

Marvel: Chris Evans reportedly in negotiations to replay Captain America in the MCU

He can do this all day.

He can do this all day.

Chris Evans is reportedly in negotiations with Marvel Studios to reprise his role as Captain America in the MCU. This may interest you : The Resident season 4: will Nick and Conrad have a child?

According to Deadline's sources, it's unlikely Evens would return as a lead role in a Captain America movie, but could more likely appear as a guest star in another Superhero's movie ( just like Robert Downey Jr. passed in Spider-Man: Homecoming).

Deadline explains the agreement is not concluded, but that we go in this direction of Evans resuming his role which he himself described as "risky". “It's not a definitive no,” he explained in May. “But that wouldn't be an enthusiastic yes either. I think it was so hard for Cap to pull off his conclusion, and I believe they really did a good job of letting him finish his journey. "

Deadline's source says he's softened his point in recent months, after Marvel came up with the idea. The deal could see Evans back at least on one project, maybe two. Marvel did not comment on the article.

The way Cap 'would return could create an interesting development, considering that the last time we saw him it was an old man, passing the shield to the Falcon. The most obvious option would be for Captain America to return within a film that takes place before the contemporary era of the last film (which is plausible since there is no need to rejuvenate him, since he has traveled back in time to live with Peggy Carter.)

But let's not forget that the MCU has already started juggling time travel, and Doctor Strange 2 seems to want to make the multiverse a daily life, and there are plenty of fantastic ways out there to find a logical reason to see Chris Evans in it. as Captain America in one way or another.

Even today we learned that three actors had been tested to play the old version of Steve Rodgers in Avengers: Endgame, without success. Like what we do not easily replace Chris Evans.

While waiting to see where Chris Evans will appear, and it's probably not for Phase 4 which is just starting, you can learn more about the situation of Wanda and Vision in the Disney + series WandaVision which begins tomorrow. IGN France was able to see the first three episodes and is already won over by the series' crazy approach which shows how different comics can be from the MCU we know on the big screen. Read our spoiler-free impressions of WandaVision to find out more.

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