Marvel Studios: Are all eight series in development connected to past and future MCU films?


Marvel Studios

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Will the eight series in development within Marvel Studios all be connected to past and future MCU films? We have the answer!

The eight series in development within Will Marvel Studios all be connected to past and future films in their cinematic universe? The answer is yes ! But don't worry: as we explained here, Phases 4 and 5 of the MCU may have been turned upside down , the continuity of the plot is not in danger . Although Maison des Idées was forced to change its release schedule, changing the broadcast order of its future programs intended for the small screen and theaters, none spoiler is not to be feared. However, each of the series intended for their streaming platform, Disney , will be connected to one or more films, which makes the task difficult !

Captain Marvel – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

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