Marvel Studios: Captain America (Chris Evans) back in the MCU thanks to this X-Men character?


This astonishing theory could make the link between Captain America and a supervillain of the X-Men films but above all announce the (brief) return of Steve Rogers to the within the MCU!

While we wondered if Captain America had chosen Sam Wilson to succeed him thanks to Doctor Erskine , the character played by Chris Evans is still found today at the heart of a theory. Relayed by Reverse and instigated by a user Reddit, the latter suggests that Steve Rogers could make a comeback in the MCU thanks to a character of the X-Men, introduced in particular in the film Days of Future Past . We of course want to talk about Bolivar Trask, the supervillain played by the famous Peter Dinklage. According to some speculations, the latter should soon take the head of Stark Industries in the Marvel universe, the businessman using subsequently the technology and resources of the company formerly owned by Iron Man as well as the Infinity Stones to create the Sentinels.

Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask. To see also : After Chapter 2: These five very sexy scenes between Tessa & amp; amp; Hardin are going to raise the temperature. – Credit (s): Fox

Scheduled to to find and kill mutants, these robots could indeed eradicate many people with extraordinary abilities. However, this spread of the mutant species will push Bishop, a hero from a dystopian future, to thwart Trask's plans by traveling to the past to intercept Captain America, charged after Avengers : Endgame to bring back the Infinity Stones.

If this could then sign the return of Steve Rogers to the MCU, this time travel could however favor his death, his timeline as well as that of Bishop merging. Beside that, it is unlikely that the creative teams at Marvel Studios will again orient themselves towards a scriptwriting element similar to the film of the Russo Brothers, this spring being able to appear too redundant. So and although it also represents a new way to introduce the X-Men in the MCU, this theory is ultimately only a way for fans to take their troubles patiently before the first details unveiled on the arrival. mutants in the Marvel Universe.

An expectation which should also happen to his term thanks to the next Disney announcements on the MCU during Investor Day , this Thursday 10 December.

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